Senin, 22 Agustus 2016

See you Thailand, We'll miss you

Saturday, 13th August 2016.
Today is the last day of us in Thailand. We have to go back to Indonesia. The host of university came to pick us up at the 05:30 and we directly went to the airport and have a farewell with the host of university.

Thank you for taking care of us during this SEAMEO program
Thank you Mr. Teerawat
Thank you Miss Nok
Thank you Chiangrai
Thank you Thailand
Thank you SEAMEO

Hope to see you again next time

Free Day (Meet Palembang People)

Friday, 12nd of August 2016.
We have no exact schedule for today but we have to packing because tomorrow we'll be going back to Indonesia and our flight is in the early morning. So, from morning we still packing our belongings and in the afternoon, we have lunch at the Muslim restaurant near CRPAO school. There, we ate spicy beef like usual but the difference is that today we met Indonesian people. At first, we didn't recognize each other but then their children were fall in the ground and crying. The mother then said "Makanya jangan nakal, jatuh kan?" (That's why don't be naughty, you'll fall to the ground, don't you?) yeahh at least the transtlation is like that. And then I a bit shocked and keep listening of what they said. When, they want to go home and then my mom asked the mother, and this is the converstaion:

Mom: "Ibu orang mana?" (Where you come from?)
Aunt: "Indonesia"
Mom: "Indonesia mananya?" (Where do you live in Indonesia?)
Aunt: "Palembang" [[the auntie seems suspicious if both of us are also Indonesian from her expression]]
Mom: "Kami juga orang Palembang. Wong kito galo" (We're too from Palembang)

And then we shake hand and doing a lot of conversation. She said that she already become a Thai people. She already moved to Thailand because in here, things are more cheaper rather than in Indonesia. Yes, I admit it. Lots of things in Thailand are more cheaper than Indonesia. The auntie also got husband Thai people but he can Bahasa Indonesia as well because he ever came to work in Palembang for 6 years and met his wife. He is one of the driver of songthaew in Chiangrai. His wife gave her husband's card to us, just if we want to go to wherever place, we can contact him and got special price because we're the same Indonesian people.
Meet with Indonesian people and using our Bahasa is very like home to me. Unfortunately, today is our last day in Chiangrai. Tomorrow we'll be going back to Indonesia.
Hopefully that we can meet long before.

Rabu, 17 Agustus 2016

SEAMEO day 25 (Performance and Farewell Party with CRU)

Thursday, 11th August 2016.

Today's schedule is that we have a performance in CRU, presentation about school, and dinner (farewell party). The host of univeristy pick us up at 8am and we directly went to Chiangrai Rajabhat University to celebrate Mother's Day and have a performace of our culture there.
Around 9am, it's our time to perform. We will sing our anthem, Indonesia Raya, and Pesona Indonesia.
When it's time for us to perform, yes, the Indonesian anthem is smooth as planned, we sing Indonesia Raya. But when it's our time to sing Pesona Indonesia, the sound did not come out and it was just a picture (on the slide). All of the SEAMEO participant looking at each other and then we just saying of what the picture is about such as when the picture shows batik and we said "This is batik, our traditional costumes" like that.
Oh yeah, when we sing Indonesia Raya, all of the guests stand up respect our anthem and we feel so moved, so touching.

After have a performance, we have lunch in Saleema Muslim Food and get back to Chiangrai Rajabhat University to have a presentation about our school.

This is a photo of CRPAO group (Dwi, Halim, and I). Mr. Nathapon said that our presentation is very good because we done the presentation 15 minutes (the international presentation have to be 15 minutes in normal) and in our presentation, we mentioned about our problem during teaching and learning process and how to deal with it, how to solve the problem.

After all of the SEAMEO participants have already done the presentation, we got our certificate and souvenir from Chiangrai Rajabhat University.

And this is the last photo SEAMEO participants full team because starting for tomorrow, one by one of us will be going back home to Indonesia.

See you, guys

SEAMEO day 24 (Presentation and Farewell)

Wednesday, 10th August 2016.
We will have a presentation for today at 10am in the building one and will be watched by the director.
Before 10am, Dwi's mentor asked us about "Who will present the general information about your program?" and the three of us just looking at each other and we directly made it in PPT slide as soon as possible before the director come.
And then, it's already 10am and it's time to perform. The PPT slide about the general information already done and it presented by me because I also the first person who want to present my slide about my experience during teaching in CRPAO school.
This is a photo of my presentation. (you also can check it in CRPAO's website)

And this is a photo after all of us already done our presentation. The last photo in CRPAO with mentors and the assistance of the director (the director was going to meet a guests when Halim was presented).

Before going back to our dormitory, we walk around the school as the farewell. And we met Leena (the Muslim students in school), she is crying knowing all of us will be going back to Indonesia.

And we have the last lunch in the canteen with the students. (unfortunately, not all of our face can see in the photo).

SEAMEO day 23 (Delay, BigC AGAIN?)

Tuesday, 9th August 2016.
We already prepared our presentation and self report but suddenly, we got the information that our presentation will be delayed for tomorrow because today the director of CRPAO still busy for making a video about the school.
So, we have no schedule for today and get permission to go home.
Then, all of us (Dwi, Halim, my mother, and I) went to BigC together. Actually, my mom and I, because it is our third day went to BigC again and again from Sunday, Monday, and now Tuesday, we feel a bit bored but it's better rather than just stay at home. So, yeah the four of us went to BigC together by taxi.

In, BigC, we separated because they want to search for souvenirs while my mom and I already bought many things for souvenirs. We walk and walk but we found nothing to buy and then we went to Central Plaza.
We looking looking for something to buy but it's so expensive !
In the end, my mom and I just ate Takoyaki in one of the restaurant there and get back to BigC to meet my friends and went home together again.

SEAMEO day 22 (BigC again)

Monday, 8th August 2016.
We have no exact schedule for today. Yesterday, our mentors just said if on Monday we have to prepare our self report during our teaching practice in CRPAO school. And, yeah, all of us already done with it but maybe just a bit revision about grammar and need more information about the school, so yeah we still need to make the revision about it into the final draft which will be submitted this evening.
However, I won't delay my work so I directly make the revision in my office in CRPAO school. My office is in room 612 (building 6, 1st floor, room 2) and sent the self report final draft to my mentor. After that, my mother and I went to BigC again because we want to find something as souvenirs to our family in Indonesia. We bought cow's leather belt for my father and my two older brothers, shoes for my older sister, seaweed, tom yum paste, and many things.
When we want to go home, there is no public vehicle there and we went to Central Plaza which is only in front of BigC. We went to Central Plaza through the overpass bridge. 

This is the view from the overpass bridge to Central Plaza.
When we arrived at Central Plaza, IT'S RAINING !
So we directly get a tuk tuk and fortunately the driver of the tuk tuk can understand English so we easily direct him to our dormitory's address.

Along the way back home, the rain getting more heavy and heavy. There is a little flood along the street and the driver get wet. We feel sorry to the driver.

Senin, 15 Agustus 2016

SEAMEO day 21 (BigC)

Sunday, 7th August 2016.
We don't have the exact schedule for today and both of us (my mom and me) went to BigC at 10am. We went there by songthaew and it costs 60 baht to BigC. At BigC, we bought many things. My mom bought me a pink sport shoes and its very cute but cool. 
We ate at KFC there, and when we ordered the food, the cashier can not understand English and we use body language to order the food.
After ate and shopping many things, we went home bu tuk tuk. There are many tuk tuk parking in front of BigC.